Sedona Vedic Astrology Conference

Full Schedule
Poco Diablo Resort
in Sedona, Arizona

November 30 – December 3, 2018

Note: This schedule will continue to be updated as we progress with scheduling events.

FRIDAY 11/30

TALKS | 8am – 9am
• Barry Rosen – Secrets of the 3rd House:  Primal Subconscious Mind (PHOENIX ROOM)

Vedic Astrologers usually lump the third house into younger siblings, artistic expression and communication but it has deeper spiritual and psychological depths that are not discussed enough. It is most connected to Mars and it is where we find our courage to express our self-willed interests and move toward our individuality. It is a kama house or a house of desire where we sometimes exert our raucous sexual energies and fight with our siblings to exert our Martian prowess and exert our ego. It allows us to exert our will to shape our world and move forth and conquer and exert our ingenuity. It give us the courage to go forth in the world and communicate, be curious and to dance in the complex world of human development. It is also connected to the primal subconscious mind of sexual urges and sometimes violence.

• Laura Rose DesJardins – Techniques for Timing Events (Past Present & Future) (TUCSON ROOM)

Laura will use Solar Arcs, Degree Arcs, Secondary Progressions and Midpoints as well as the Transiting Meridian to give us timing on critical events in our life. She will present examples of how each one of these techniques work and how blending multiple techniques can interpret an event, sometimes even to the moment, through the use of the Transiting Meridian. This is a fun lecture, so be sure to bring your chart and apply these techniques to your own life’s roadmap.

• Kari Field – Stars behind the Zodiac: The Hidden Lunar Signs of the Nakshatras (PRESCOTT ROOM)

Hidden, behind the scenes of the 12 signs of the Zodiac are 27 signs called the Nakshatras. While the Zodiac is based on the yearly cycle of the sun, the Nakshatras are based on the monthly rhythm of the moon. Nakshatras carry key information about life patterns and themes that are rich in Vedic symbolism. Reviewing the meaning of the ever-changing influence of the moon in Vedic Astrology, we will walk lightly through some of the key mythology of Chandra and his 27 wives, complete with Power Point illustrations. People new to Vedic Astrology are often confused by the seeming complexity of the mathematics and geometry involved. I will also present images to illustrate how the 27 Nakshatras and their padas overlay and interact with the 12 rasis. The Nakshatras are a foundational element of Vedic astrology and are at the core of many predictive techniques and calculations. I will briefly touch on how the Nakshatras relate to some of these, including navamsha and the location and meaning of gandanta nakshatra. To conclude we will walk through a few example charts where Nakshatras shine in their ability to give predictive insight.

• Shannon Gill-Jones – Mysticism in Motion (SEDONA ROOM)

Experience all-encompassing in-joyment and pleasure in your sacred body temple as we awaken the perfect balance of deep somatic peace, harmonized with ‘cosmic electrified embodiment’. Synergizing music, movement, and meditation, we will activate true Soul-flow and ‘as above, so below’ unified alignment with this dynamic journey through the zodiac.

INTENSIVES | 10am – 4pm
• Komilla Sutton – Personal Panchanga: The Five Sources of Light (PHOENIX ROOM)

The panchangas are the five limbs of the day. They are dina, tithi, karana, nakshatra and yoga. It is used as a religious cleanser and also to plan day to day activities, but the most important aspect is how the Panchanga impacts your natal chart. Panchanga is the neighborhood where your chart lives. Understanding it, better connects you with your chart and planetary energies. This is a very in-depth workshop with many detailed insights. For example, the five limbs are connected to the five elements and the ruler of the day effects your health.

• Joni Patry – How to Interpret a Birth Chart (TUCSON ROOM)

This intensive will teach you the many secrets of chart interpretation using the derivative houses, bhavat bavam, aspects, nakshatras, dispositors, dashas and transits. Joni will share her vast knowledge gathered through her life long experience. This is nothing you will read in book!

• Jeffrey Armstrong – Science & Psychology of an Ayurvedic Astrological Consultation, Finding the balance between knowledge, language and counseling (PRESCOTT ROOM)

This intensive will explore rectification using Ayurvedic body types, explaining the Tropical/Sidereal dilemma, the essence of the grahas, setting the context for a reading, correct use of English and Sanskrit terminology. Unfolding the essence of the chart to the client, secrets and mantras of Ganesh, Vedic knowledge and methods of guiding clients or family’s through Sade Sati. Prescribing upayas using gems, planetary learning and mantras, fostering the clients use of free will in response to transits, dashas and returns. Compatibility in relationships, family and corporate groups, sadhana and karmic cleansing for Jyotishis, balancing strong and weak planets in the context of karmic unfoldment and explaining life cycles.

• Mas Vidal – Evolutionary Living with the Vedas (SEDONA ROOM)

The Vedas comprise the most comprehensive and preeminent system for living an evolutionary life. The Yoga-Ayurveda-Jyotish systems provide a framework that supports evolution in psychology, biology and astrology. Through the lens of a non-dualistic (Vedanta) approach to life we can use these methodologies in an efficient and effective manner that affords us life’s highest virtue of happiness. This intensive will explore the essential techniques and modalities of an integral yoga sadhana to promote evolutionary living. Be disciplined, be inspired, be the change!

Includes Approaching yoga practices according to your ayurvedic constitution • Consideration of the natal chart to maximize your yoga • Understanding the concept of transcendence in yoga sadhana • Applying a yoga practice to the elements • Working with the elements and the chakras for integrative psychology • Pranayama breath healing exercise and transcendental journey • Includes handout & yoga practicum *All levels are invited to attend, no experience required.

• Pundit Samavedula – Navagraha Puja (PHOENIX/TUCSON ROOM) 7:00pm – 8:00pm
• Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D. – Welcome to the Conference (PHOENIX/TUCSON ROOM) 8:00pm – 8:30pm
• Tribute to William R. Levacy, Ph.D. – 8:30pm – 9:00pm
• Komilla SuttonPREDICTIONS FOR 2019 – 9pm


YOGA | 6:30am – 7:45am
• Mas Vidal – Morning Meditation Sadhana (SEDONA ROOM)

Join Mas Vidal for Vedantic meditation and its methods of mantra, pranayama and stillness, the essence of the Divine experience. Participants are asked to arrive on time and to not leave early as this will enhance the depth of stillness for the group. All will be given the option to sit on the floor or in a chair depending on their level of flexibility and comfort in order to maintain a straight spine.

TALKS | 8am – 9am
• Sherene Vismaya – Lord Shani (PHOENIX ROOM)

Lord Shani is one of the most revered planetary gods and for good reason. His transits can bring the kind of karmic paybacks that tragedies and dark comedies are composed of. He can lift you up like a child, or drag you down like a stone. Saturn demands reverence. His gaze alone is enough to render our head (ego) to ashes. He reveals what we will and will not tolerate. This class will be an exploration of the gravitas, shadow work and inherent contraction of working with the archetypal powers of Saturn, Lord Shani. We will explore everything from the Saturn Return, Sade Sati, Saturn and Alchemy and Saturn through the various Rashis. Saturn as containment, boundary and beginning and the ending of cycles is the greatest of teachers. Saturn helps us decipher the real from the fake, perhaps one of the most essential of all spiritual teachings.

• Alex Trenoweth – Astrology for Parents & Teachers (TUCSON ROOM)

The current system of education is based on a factory model system. Favored by the Industrial Age, the desired outcome of this system was easily pleased, obedient and productive workers. Professional teacher and astrologer Alex Trenoweth proposes an astrological model of education that honors the individuality of the pupil, encourages good teachers to stay in the profession and helps parents to better understand the educational needs of their child without allowing their own fears to color their child’s emerging world view. In this workshop, the cycles of Jupiter and Saturn will be used to demonstrate stages of child development triangulated with theories of eminent psychologists. Alex will also present her groundbreaking research on adolescent behavior and lunar phases.

• Laura Harness – Exploring Sedona’s Sacred Landscape  (PRESCOTT ROOM)

This presentation is designed to inspire your spiritual adventures in Sedona! You will learn about the vortices and power places which correspond with Native American mythology, Vedic wisdom and the seven chakras to give you a deeper understanding of Sedona’s mysteries and magic. Maps will be provided along with suggestions on how to align with the unique energy of each site with intention, meditation, mantra and ceremony.

• Swami Sankarananda – From Chaos to Harmony (SEDONA ROOM)

Maya, Karma, Prakriti, Universe, Leela and Mind are all words for the same. We are in this world but not of it, and yet it is not just an experience. It provides our way Home – to abide in or unite with Satchitananda. Yoga. In our time together we will take some beautiful reminders from the masters, share our experiences and observations, and also engage in deep practices of chanting and meditation together in order to experience the timeless, sacred Self.

LECTURES | 10am – 12:30pm
• Komilla Sutton – Retrograde Planets in Vedic Astrology (PHOENIX ROOM)

Retrograde planets are known as vakri grahas. Vakri means twisted, or negatively out of shape. They can also create something “out of the box” and unique in a positive way. However, there is a block to express their energies. People can often overdo or refrain from action. This lecture will focus on how retrograde grahas effect your personal chart. We will also look at retrograde planets in transit.

• Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar – Ayurveda & Chronobiology:  Kaala Chakra and its Impact on Health (TUCSON ROOM)

Chronobiology—a field of biology that studies the effect of time, especially rhythms, on living systems—is finally being recognized as critical to better understanding how to achieve optimal health. In fact, the 2017 Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to a team of scientists who showed that a misalignment between a person’s lifestyle and their circadian rhythm could affect well-being and, over time, could contribute to the risks for various diseases. Although these findings in chronobiology-based research are still new, they reinforce what Dr. Kshirsagar has been practicing via Ayurvedic medicine for decades. The ancient Indian healing tradition maintains that all our behaviors–including diet, rest and exercise—must work together with our master internal clock to keep the body functioning well. In CHANGE YOUR SCHEDULE, CHANGE YOUR LIFE, Dr. Kshirsagar combines the latest scientific research with ancient Ayurvedic wisdom to offer an easy-to-follow road map for making small changes that can yield big results. It’s can be the difference between battling our bodies, and effortlessly managing weight, sleep, stress, inflammation, and more. The ancient Vedic concepts of Kaala Chakra clearly outlines the impact of Celestial Rhythms, Lunar Rhythms and Change of Seasons on planet earth. We will be discussing about the effects of Time on planetary movements, Vedic Calendar & Dosha Clock.

• Andrew Foss – Prashna Techniques made Comprehensible (PRESCOTT ROOM)

Little known methods from the classic Prashna (query) Marga can be easily employed to help in answering questions for ourselves and others. We will also study special timing techniques.

YOGA WORKSHOP|10am – 12:30pm
• Heather & Marc Titus – Prana Flow Yoga & Yoga Nidra Guided Savasana Meditation (SEDONA ROOM)

Heather guides a complete dynamic stability practice, open to all levels where we will move through all the vayus and utilize the tools of yoga –  including mantra, meditation, conscious breath patterns in movement, and spacious awareness – in order to tap in to our true nature and to balance our mind, energy, and prana. As you settle into Savasana or the Relaxation Pose, Marc will guide you through a Yoga Nidra meditation. Yoga Nidra, or Yogic Sleep uses a series of body, breath and mindfulness techniques to relax ‘past’ thoughts and the tendencies of the mind. This allows the body to restore balance, integrate past experiences and create greater peace in your life. In these practices, we use Sankalpa, or Intention, to facilitate rapid transformation.

LUNCH BREAK | 12:30pm – 2pm

LECTURES | 2pm – 4:30pm
• Eve J. Mendoza – The Unique Role of Shakti and Planetary Combinations for Women in Vedic Astrology (PHOENIX ROOM)

In this lecture, Eve J. Mendoza will present on the topic of the three activities of Shakti as listed in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, their special qualities and relation to the Grahas and Upagrahas.  Additional subjects related will be covered such as the special and honored role of Devi Saraswati in Jyotish Shastra and Vedic literature as well as the unique planetary combinations listed in various Sanskrit works revealing that women could maintain scholarly roles in ancient society.  Many old manuscripts that we rely on for astrological education contain additions from more recent and less illumined time periods.  Most are also influenced from outside cultures.  This discussion will attempt to find the pulse or heart beat at the root of the original texts in relation to Shakti and the feminine principle in devotional, ceremonial and astrological applications. 

• Dr. Manoj Chalam – Form & Formless: Hindu/Buddhist Deity Archetypes & Enlightenment (TUCSON ROOM)

Enlightenment (in the Vedanta tradition) is the journey of knowing the Self, abiding in the Self and seeing the same Self in others with love and compassion. Jyothi will guide you through the 3 practices of non dualistic Advaita Vedanta philosophy: Shravanam (listening), Mananam (contemplation) and Nidhidhyasanam (abiding in the Self). The question then arises, what role do these deities such as Ganesh, Shiva, Lakshmi, Buddha,Tara play in this journey?. Manoj will bring in statues of these deities and relate their symbolisms to our journey to enlightenment. Through humorous archetypical story telling, discover your Isthadevata (personal archetype), uncover their secret symbolisms and learn the five ways to work with them as part of a practice towards spiritual awakening. (This workshop is 80% lecture, 10% meditation, 5% Mantras and 5% light spiritual stretches)

• Pundit Samavedula – Nakshatra Mantras (PRESCOTT ROOM)

During this workshop, we will learn about Nakshatras and their respective Paadas & related names of Vishnu and related remedial measures and mantras. According to Vedic Astrology, Nakshatra plays a very important role in one’s life. For any auspicious event or anything to with Vedic Astrology, the Janma Nakshatra (Moon constellation at the time of birth) of that person is needed. The entire zodiac comprises of 360 degrees (remember 60 seconds = 1 minute and 60 minutes = 1 degree). The 27 nakshatras (Stars or constellations) occupy the 360 degrees of the zodiac. This means that each nakshatra gets 13 degrees and 20 minutes in the zodiac. Further, each nakshatra is divided into 4 quarters or padas. Hence each pada occupies 3 degrees and 20 minutes. Hence, each sign in the zodiac occupies 30 degrees . Therefore each zodiac has 9 pada corresponding to nakshatras.

YOGA WORKSHOP | 2pm – 4:30pm
• Mally Paquette – The Primal Essence of Kundalini Tantra (SEDONA ROOM)

In this powerful yoga class you will receive and understand the balance of Shiva and Shakti within. The sacred sexuality aspects which deliver and tune you in to devotion.
Primal energy holds power to transform your deepest core thoughts and patterns. Shift your consciousness with the energies of the elemental chakras practicing breath, asana, mantra and mudras. Combining all four to connect with the Tantric Principles of the Divine creating miracles and magic!


• Russ von Ohlhausen – Celestia Mathematica: The Fibonacci Zodiac  8:30-9:00

The mathematical language spoken by the Universe is the basic structure, “the cosmological simplex”, which defines all aspects and expressions of the Zodiac. The energetic “fundamental force” of nature that creates particles, people, planets, solar systems, cells and galaxies is singular in pattern, yet infinite in its variety.  It’s functions are scalable and self-organizing, providing an energetic framework that can be found in all structure and all form. Once you understand how to ‘see’ our reality through numbers, you can peer into hidden mysteries – including Astrology. Russ von Ohlhausen will discuss his original research on how the “presence of the fundamental force” can be understood through the language of numbers, primarily in the Fibonacci Sequence, and the foundational pillars of Vedic Mathematics on which lay the structural foundations of the Zodiac and the forces of astrology itself. Finally he’ll show how this essential blueprint is the foundational pattern for the creation of our astrological language, that is repeated in all cultures across the planet.

• Kapiel Raaj – Secrets of Success
• Sanjali – Kirtan & Dancing

SUNDAY 12/02

TALKS | 8am – 9am

• Dr. Manisha Kshirsagar – Lunar Rhythms and Emotional Health (PHOENIX ROOM)

Ayurveda & Astrology are sister sciences. Vedic Sciences have clearly understood the impact of waxing and waning moon on emotional health. Moon also symbolizes the feminine beauty and yin qualities. Moon is clearly responsible for the hormonal surge that creates monthly menstrual cycle plus the fountains of enzymes and hormones.  We will be discussing the Lunar Calendar, the wisdom of 1000 moons and its impact on moods, detox and spiritual health. The whole science of planetary transits and Muhurtha is based upon the Moon  and its Lunar mansions. We will learn about the importance of moon in Women’s health and how to cultivate inner beauty and how to use various herbs, formulations and remedies to optimize the benefits.

• Charlotte Benson -Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto – Agents of Permanent Transformation (PRESCOTT ROOM)

These three Outer Planets have a spectacular effect on human consciousness. In this class we will identify the meaning of each planet’s profound influence in the birth chart. I have been observing the effects of the outer planets on clients since the early 1970’s. They never fail to impress! Their awe-inspiring catalytic power is something to consider and understand, and to use in your own consultations.

• Zeffi Kefala – Tantra & the Grahas (TUCSON ROOM)

Open the door to the shakti energy in your chakras. Connect the Goddess and the grahas. Let her pure energy move through your body in the forms of the charkas. The Goddess is waiting for you to call her in.


LECTURES | 10am – 12:30pm
• Joni Patry – Astrological Cycles of Cryptocurrency (PHOENIX ROOM)

Joni will demonstrate how to predict the volatile cycles of Cryptocurrency using the planetary cycles and eclipses. Examples of bitcoin and other currencies based on the Moon and retrogrades can determine the erratic cycles of the economy as well as these cryptocurrencies.

• Sam Geppi – Dusthana Houses & Rulers: Interpreting Vipareet Yogas (TUCSON ROOM)

This will be a deep dive into the complexity of Dusthana houses, lords and Vipareet Raja Yogas. Too often astrologers get into simplistic “good/bad” assertions when it comes to difficult houses and their rulers. There’s no need for these simplistic judgments. Instead, precision is needed. We will dissect every possible Dusthana house / lord and Vipareet Raja Yoga. How is the 6th lord in the 12th different than the 8th lord in the 6th – for example. We will also discuss the exact type of wording and language you should use to empower your client, rather than burden them with good/bad judgments. We will also discuss: The other house the dusthana planet rules • The natural status of the planet (natural benefic or malefic) • The deeper qualities of the houses themselves (two of the dusthanas are “Moksha” house rulers) • The difference between the ruler and the house itself • Other planets in conjunction with the Vipareet Raja Yogas

• Courtney Roberts – Research in Jyotish – The Science of Light (PRESCOTT ROOM)

Courtney Roberts will be joined by Jagdish Maheshri & Ehsan Khazeni in exploring the most intriguing topics and results, including the 2-Zodiac Problem, the Nakshatras, the East Meets West Project, the role of research, the potential for further collaborations & benefits for both systems. There’s never been a more exciting time to be an astrologer, now that we have the right tools for the job. 

YOGA WORKSHOP | 10am – 12:30pm
• Matteo Zacchino – Modern Day Surya Namaskara & Kriya Sadhana (SEDONA ROOM)

In this workshop style yoga class we will explore the ancient practice of the Sun Salutations, its origin, intended uses, benefits and evolution through the years. To begin with we will explore the foundations of the unique breathing techniques and their imperative support in the practice; often referencing to the similitudes of modern neuro-scientific discoveries to the ancient wisdom of the vedic sages. We will break down anatomical engagements for safety and injury prevention and with the help of props and various tools to develop better physical support & structural alignment for the movements. Ultimately discovering the many different layers and universal infrastructures that this simple but effective spiritual practice can sustain.

LUNCH BREAK | 12:30pm – 2pm

LECTURES | 2pm – 4:30pm
• Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D. – Psychological Aspects of Vedic Astrology (PHOENIX ROOM)

Dr. Harness will explore the mental and emotions aspects of optimal health as well as imbalances depicted in one’s natal chart. The impact of dashas/transits on psychological issues will be addressed . The astrologer’s shadow and other challenges in the consulting room will also be examined. A discussion of difficult client styles will be explored. 

• Dr. Arjun Pai –  Use of Sacred Objects & Spirit Animals in Nakshatra Based Astrology (TUCSON ROOM)

The Upanishads state that the student desirous to acquire esoteric knowledge of the true nature of existence (Para Vidya) must at first be learned in Apara Vidya, which includes Jyotisha besides many other occult and mystical subjects. To be able to relate to the hidden world and the mysteries of nature, considerable importance must be given to the subject of cosmology, sacred objects, and spirit animals/ animal totems.
This suggests that Jyotisha is not probably merely to know the future course of events, but to lead the student to understanding of the deeper aspects of life. With nakshatras you delve deeper to realize the oneness of the divine intelligence guiding the destiny of the universe. One such research area which is still very much unexplored and in a nascent stage is the use of animal totems and sacred symbols of nakshatras. This research work gives a fresh perspective in the wake of the stars being the supreme archetypical beings in addition to their association with how our mind is tuned to the natural biorhythms of nature objects and animals. This study will expound on how much this concept can guide the course of our lives and additionally can be used a marvelous tool for predictive based astrology.

• Jeffrey Armstrong: The Provable Science & the Implication of the Connections between Jyotish, Ayurveda, and Genetics (PRESCOTT ROOM)

Contrary to popular belief Vedic astrology is an extension of the vedic darshan of Samkhya or ancient science. That scientific knowledge of the universe preceded and inspired Pythagoras, Aristotle and technology as we know it today. Samkhya which is based upon the universal 5 element paradigm, gives rise to ayurveda, yoga, jyotish, martial arts, metallurgy, biology, botany, architecture and a host of other disciplines. This fact, although obscured during the colonial era is now historically proven. For the last 50 years there has been an immense renaissance of yoga, jyotish, ayurveda taking place throughout the world. Recently modern science has taken ancient science to new levels through the genome project and its revelations of our fundamental material nature. Genetic research in India has now proven that vatta, kapha, and pitta doshas of ayurveda can be predicted by geneticists. Twenty-two years ago, Jeffrey Armstrong wrote a book detailing the links that allowed the Jyotish to predict the dosha from markers in the Vedic horoscope, and how to use it for the rectification of the chart and to definitively predict the ayurvedic body type of the client – as sure as one could look at a blue print of a building and determine its structure. This presentation will discuss the now provable science and the implication of the convergence of jyotish, ayurveda, and genetics. 

• Mas Vidal – Integral Yoga (SEDONA ROOM)

Based on the major themes of Mas Vidal’s latest book, this integral yoga session integrates themes from the hatha-tantra, bhakti and raja yoga paths. This special session will explore the essence of postural yoga as it aims to balance the mind-body relationship and the subtler inner sun-moon energies. These medieval practices are rarely understood or properly taught today and have mostly been reduced to the level of fitness. In this session you will experience the true nature of an integral yoga that activates the mystical and transcendental mind for healing the body and to remedy the effects of karma. Settle your restless mind with unique postures and pranayama (breathing) exercises designed to awaken the prana of the higher centers (chakras) so that you can actually meditate and enjoy the bliss of the soul.


MONDAY 12/03

TALKS | 8am – 9am

• Ksanti Nakshatra – Vedic Astro Cartography: The Geography of Astrology (PHOENIX ROOM)

Astro cartography, the astrology of geography, shows a map of certain planetary lines and vortexes set at the moment of birth. Astro cartography is the divine science which allows for the interpretation and understanding of these geographic planetary lines and vortexes. It was Astro cartography’s Founder Jim Lewis’s Intention for Astro Cartography to create a mapping system which transcends the tropical/sidereal shift. This divine innovative science of astro cartography can be integrated into the ancient Vedic astrological system, and when these sciences meet, the results are magical. In Vedic Astro Cartography: The Astrology of Geography, we will be taking a look at the history of Astro Cartography, and its integration with the ancient Vedic Astrological system. We Will Discuss the inherent karmic energy and significations of the various Graha lines, and how to use the planetary lines in conjunction with the natal Jyotish chart. We will also dive deep into how certain planetary transits and dasha periods will act as magnets which karmically attract us to certain locations over others. Then we will go in detail of how to us Vedic Astro Cartography to achieve the traditional four aims of life Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. We will use key examples which show that for the greatest alignment towards our dharma, prosperity in life, romantic potential, and spiritual evolution there is no greater tool than vedic astro cartography.

• Naomi C Bennett – Moon Wobbles and Eclipses (PRESCOTT ROOM)

One of the earliest astrological events recorded are solar eclipses since so many events happened around them. But there are Moon Wobbles too. Naomi will explain the difference between them and then give major historic events that occur with Moon Wobbles. How to use them and know when they are of major importance. Research was first done on them in 1940’s by Carl Payne Tobey.


INTENSIVES | 10am – 4pm

• Sam Geppi – Applied Jaimini Astrology (PHOENIX ROOM)

In this intensive we will go deeply into the structures of Jaimini astrology, and how to apply them in chart analysis. First you will learn important calculations: Bhava Padas, Karakamsa, Chara Dasa, Chara Karakas, Rasi Aspects and more. Then you will learn how to organize the structures into simple, yet extremely powerful methods for making accurate predictions in all situations. You will also learn how to use these Jaimini methods in conjunction with the Parashara methods you are used to. This will be extremely comprehensive, covering the Rasi chart, the harmonic charts, transits, two Dasa systems and more. The intensive will not just be a class on “theory”. There will be many case studies and live chart analysis, so you see the methods and techniques working before your very eyes. This intensive is for intermediate to advanced students.

• Dr. Arjun Pai & Eve Mendoza – The Primordial Nakshatras: An Exploration of the Original Lunar Calendar (TUCSON ROOM)

Join Dr. Arjun Pai and Eve J. Mendoza for an in-depth and detailed journey through the works of various modern and ancient scholars on the rare and mostly unacknowledged topic of equal and unequal Nakshatra calculations.  This intensive is designed with the hope to inspire devoted researchers and astrologers of our current time to look past the convenience of our uniform calendar.  We will explore the various provisions put in place to create a simplified, generic calendar for modern society and compare this to the earlier understanding of Nakshatras, their specific place and unique ritual use in ancient society.  We will be calling into question not only the equal divisions of Nakshatras, but also the reliance on a 27 Nakshatra system as opposed to the original 28 Nakshatra system that was acknowledged around the world in earlier times.  

• Andrew Foss – Power Points in the Chart and the Hand of Destiny (PRESCOTT ROOM)

There are multiple power points in the chart that can be understood through various methods. Most of these are invisible unless one knows where to look. We will learn about these points, the connections we can have with them and how they are or can be triggered. This will include looking at the big picture of the destiny of mankind and the individual chart and the impact of transits. Further, the subtle hand of destiny will be seen as it works through the nodes and certain key divisional charts. This includes how the karmas of past lives manifest for us. This workshop will contain surprising and new material not easily found elsewhere.

YOGA WORKSHOP | 10am – 12:30pm
• Holly Zacchino – Goddess Yoga (SEDONA ROOM)

Goddess Yoga is the Art of Sacred and Sensual Movement. It is a fusion of traditional vinyasa, bellydance and Kundalini inspired breath work. This is a transformational practice that awakens your Inner Goddess.

YOGA WORKSHOP | 2pm – 4:30pm
• Ruth Hartung – Vajrayogini Yoga (SEDONA ROOM)

Considered the supreme female Buddha, Vajrayogini is the diamond-bodied one, symbolizing extraordinary strength that refracts light and is associated with clarity, purity and transcendent wisdom. A protector deity, her practice belongs to Mother Tantra and her counterpart is Chinnamasta, one of the ten wisdom goddesses in Hinduism. This class will be lecture and discussion followed by a short introduction to the yogic practice of Vajrayogini using standing and meditation seat forms.  The lunar energy of the goddess is expressed through flowing movements and mudras not unlike chi gung. Earth energy is drawn into the body using the root lock creating a fiery Shakti practice. Learn ceremonial Breathing Hands, Spreading the Wings of the Dragon and Opening the Lotus of the Heart creating circulation through the pranic channels in the body. For those of any level of yogic practice, for men and women, beginner to advanced.