2019 Sedona Vedic Astrology Conference

Complimentary Classes | 8am – 9am

• Kenneth Miller – Mars, Passion or Strife? Kuja Dosha & your love life! (PHOENIX ROOM)

Relationship astrology has reached a high level in India where divorce is strongly discouraged and arranged marriages are still the norm. In this class you will be taught how Kuja Disha (the Blemish of Mars) plays out in the context of intimate relationships in the West. We’ll also explore about 20 additional chart factors to AVOID or remediate, and explain WHY these factors can create difficulties. We all know what to look for success, this class will focus on the potential “flies in the ointment”! By the end of the class you will be able to apply these techniques & remediations to anyone.

• Laura Rose DesJardins – Midpoints and Solar Arc Directions; Timing Future Trends (TUCSON ROOM)

An overview of some of the oldest predictive techniques in astrology, to aid the astrologer in giving a more accurate summary of future trends, and to help enhance our ability to be more concise and accurate when it comes to forecasting.

• Kari Field – Navagraha: The 9 Celestial Planets and Their Temples. (COTTONWOOD ROOM)

Nava means 9 and Graha refers to a planet, particularly the seizing and captivating power the planets have on the mind, body, and emotions of our daily lives. The 9 planetary forces of Vedic Astrology are the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, as well as the shadow planets of Rahu and Ketu.

As these 9 principle karmic players influence our lives, difficult, challenging, as well as empowering and uplifting situations ensue. How and when the Navagraha create blockages or grace, depends on their position in a birth chart, as well as planetary transit and dasha cycle timing. This class honors the unique traits and characteristics of each of the 9 planets through imagery, mythology, as well as a peek of my recent pilgrimage to planetary temples in Tamil Nadu.

• Monique Parker – Vedic Chant for Auspicious Beginnings: Ganapati-prarthana (SEDONA ROOM)

It is tradition to call upon the blessings of the patron deity of Jyotish Shastra—Lord Ganesh—widely revered as the remover of obstacles, patron of arts and sciences and the ‘Deva’ of intellect and wisdom. As the God of beginnings, he is honored at the commencement  of any endeavour for its unhindered accomplishment. Monique will teach Ganapati-prarthana from the Taittirīya-samhitā in traditional call and response with adherence to the six grammatical rules of Vedic chant. Vedic chanting or Adhyayanam is considered the oldest unbroken oral tradition in existence and has been declared an intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO. The ancient Indian culture and Brahmin priests devoted their lives to maintaining these sacred sounds and enacting Vedic rituals to ensure that the texts were transmitted with accuracy and fidelity from one generation to the next. 
YOGA WORKSHOP | 10:00am – 12:30pm

• Swami Sankarananda – Yoga of Discernment (SEDONA ROOM)

“Brahma satya jagat mithya, jivo brahmaiva naparah” summarizes the teaching of the great Yogi Adi Shankaracharya. It means that Brahman (the Ultimate Reality) is the only truth, the world is illusory, and there is ultimately no difference between the individual Self and the Brahman.
The Yoga Masters tell us that what we commonly think of as Yoga, including Asanas, Pranayama, Bandhas, Kriyas and such, are not Yoga at all, but rather preparation for Yoga. Yoga is not other than union with the highest, called also Self Realization (realizing one’s own true nature), God Realization (realizing that “I and the Father are one”) or Moksha (liberation).
Yoga is achieved through following one or more of the various Margas, or paths, within the science of Yoga philosophy and practice. Jnana Marga is the path of Self knowledge, its philosophy and practice give guidance and tools by which one may peel away layer upon layer of delusive identification and ideas, arriving finally at direct experience of the mystical answer to the question, “who am I?”
This path is followed with purified discernment – Viveka – in a step by step process of seeing through our experience, discerning that which is unreal and that which is Real. 
In this workshop we will explore both philosophy and practice of Jnana Marga using the text “Drg Drishya Viveka”, or “Discernment between the Seer and the Seen” by Shankaracharya. We will take a beautiful deep dive into the philosophy and you will have an opportunity to practice this discernment yourself, we will also practice Vedantic Meditation together. 
The only prerequisite for the workshop is an open mind and willingness to let some preconceived notions be destroyed as we explore the nature of Self. 
INTENSIVES | 10am – 4pm

• Komilla Sutton – Jupiter: The Blessings of our Life (PHOENIX ROOM)

Brihaspati (Jupiter)is the Guru of the gods. Jupiter is a key planet we study when analyzing the chart, it rules the natural 9th and 12th houses (Dharma and Moksha), it is karaka for all the good things in life (Wealth, Children, Happiness, Wisdom, Dharma and Profit). Usually we analyze its strength, weakness ( exaltation, debilitation) first in the chart. However, for some charts Jupiter can give complex blessings as becomes functional malefic. Aspects, the Positive Yogas involving Jupiter – Gajakesari, Hamsa Mahapurusha and Saraswati Yoga and the negative Yogas – Sakata and Guru Chandala. Digbala position and the first house. Exaltation and debilitation plus why the 3rd house is negative placement for Jupiter as it is Marana Karaka Sthana. How to judge Jupiter Dasha and bhuktis. Transits of Jupiter can bring blessing for all – how to empower ourselves with these transits. We need Jupiter to be pure and sattvic in our charts, however how to use Vedic Astrology remedies, yogic principles and common sense to keep the blessings of Jupiter alive and untainted.

• Ronnie Gale Dreyer & Simon Chokoisky – The Magic of Sanskrit for Vedic Astrologers (TUCSON ROOM)

We will learn about the magic of Sanskrit sounds and words that make up the deeper meaning of the planets, signs, houses and nakshatras. Included will be the proper pronunciation of these concepts and becoming acquainted with all the different Sanskrit words for them (especially the planets). We will look at how two words combine to form one, like vargottama, which consists of varga (division or group) and uttama (highest or greatest), which literally means the highest division of a planet. We will link the Hindu myths to the many manifestations of the planets and Simon will show how to pronounce mantras properly for maximum effect so you can enter the heart of Jyotisa through the sacred vibration of the Sanskrit language. Sample horoscopes will show how understanding Sanskrit roots enhance approach interpretation and forecasting, completing a fabulous introduction to the sacred language of India.

• Alan Annand – Kala Sarpa Yoga (COTTONWOOD ROOM)

Kala Sarpa, “the serpent of time,” is an astrological pattern wherein all of the planets occupy half of the chart as defined by the axis of the lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu. Although one in eight people (12.5%) have Kala Sarpa in their charts, few know whether it constitutes a yoga, a sign of power and fortune, or a dosha, an inherent flaw that may irrevocably spoil a life.
Because it originates from a South Indian oral tradition, Kala Sarpa isn’t discussed in any classical shastra of Jyotisha. As a consequence, it’s poorly understood by astrologers, and generally feared by clients. But in his workshop, Alan will unravel the mystery of this complex configuration. This will encompass elements of myth, astronomical realities and consequences, and lean heavily on traditional principles of yoga vichara brought to bear on one of Jyotisha’s most enduring enigmas.
Based on research involving over 600 birth charts, this workshop is designed to bring interpretation of Kala Sarpa out of the shadows. The ultimate goal is to shed light on a pattern that has confounded astrologers, neophytes and seasoned practitioners alike, for far too long.

YOGA WORKSHOP | 2pm – 4pm

• Ananda Yogiji & Jaya Lakshmi – Kundalini Yoga- For Your Inner Fire and Transformation (SEDONA ROOM)

In this class, students will be given tools and a direct experience for igniting the inner fire. In the Yogic texts, it describes the alchemy of combining Ojas (latent energy), Agni (inner fire) and Prana (life force or breath) for an inner metamorphosis with lasting benefits. This class will provide you the inner alchemy plus the addition of live music and Naad (cosmic sound current) that uplifts and heals at profoundly deep levels. Come experience the transformation that Kundalini Yoga so consistently delivers!

LECTURE | 7pm – 9pm

• Charlotte Benson – Introduction to Vedic Astrology (COTTONWOOD ROOM)

Jyotisha, “The Science of Light”, is a vast and ancient wisdom technology – the ultimate app for living a meaningful life. You can begin to learn how to use it! This two-hour course will survey the basic components of the Divine Science. We’ll touch on the origins of Jyotisha, and certain philosophical constructs underlying this type of astrology. We will introduce you to the meaning of the nine planets/grahas; the twelve signs/rasis; the twelve houses, and the twenty-seven Moon signs/nakshatras. That’s a lot of numbers, but don’t worry – there is no math required.

Summaries of certain special relationships between the planets and the houses (yogas), and with each other (aspects); the concept of dasas; and how transiting planets produce effects will also be offered. This class is complimentary and is meant to prepare you to dip your toes into the “Ocean of Jyotish”!

SOUND HEALING | 7pm – 9pm

• Sedona Crystal Temple – Crystal Singing Bowls and Gong Sound Healing (PHOENIX ROOM)

We will begin with a light meditation to prepare the system to completely relax and unwind during the gong and Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl sound session. For ultimate comfort please bring pillows, blankets, eye pillows etc.

FRIDAY 11/22
Complimentary Classes | 8am – 9am

• Sherene Vismaya – Venus: From Desire to Devotion (PHOENIX ROOM)

Venus, or Shukra brightest planet following the Sun and Moon is also considered the most refined of all of the planets. We’ll delve into the teachings of Venus as our greatest teacher of beauty, relationship, justice and material prosperity. We’ll explore why Venus is so linked to our value system. We’ll also discuss the significance of Venus Retrograde, her Herpserus (Evening Star) and Phosphorus (Morning Star) phases and why Venus is connected to alchemy. Venus, the embodiment of love, teacher of the asuras, and the guiding star of all things beautiful inspires us to harmonize and sweeten our lives but in her exaltation in Pisces reveals to us the kind of happiness that is beyond earthly desires.

• Richard Fidler – The Liabilities and Gifts of Debilitated Planets (TUCSON ROOM)

This lecture explores the principle of planetary dignity and the way planets behave when in their best and worst zodiacal positions. More specifically, this lecture takes a closer look at ‘fallen’ or debilitated planets. How and why do they create problems in our lives, and perhaps more importantly, is there anything useful that can come from them? How do we as astrologers give clients who may be struggling with the challenges that come with debilitated planets a meaningful interpretation of their role and significance in the chart?

• William R. Morris, Ph.D., DAOM, LAc – Cycles in Medical Astrology: Evidence and Practices (COTTONWOOD ROOM)

Cycles in Medical Astrology: Evidence and Practices
In this presentation the participants will explore conventional medical research that supports the efficacy of astrology at the level of daily, monthly, and annual rhythms. In addition, a study implying the relationship of the Rahu-Ketu axis to latent pathogens will be discussed along with key astrological indicators for latent pathogens as a health concern. Participants will then engage in discussion of the cycle as a tool for remedial strategies relative to foods and herbs, and crystal placements. The concept is based on the correspondence of the body, tuning forks, plant parts and classifications to diurnal and zodiacal motion of the planets.

YOGA | 8am – 9am

• Holly Zacchino – Goddess Yoga (SEDONA ROOM)

INTENSIVES | 10am – 4pm

• James Braha – Horoscope Analysis In Depth (PHOENIX ROOM)

Using as many horoscopes as possible, celebrities and ordinary, James delves deep into his extensive experience to answer the most perplexing Jyotish questions and issues students encounter. The charts used will be chosen for their extreme conditions, good or bad, and to bring out as much practical knowledge as possible. Special attention is paid to confusing and difficult charts that cause astrologers so much trouble, and how to see the whole of the chart rather than just the parts. James will also talk about dasas, bhuktis, transits as well as planetary conjunctions and oppositions. The workshop is wide ranging.

• Mas Vidal – How to Apply Ayurveda & Yoga as Jyotish Remedies (TUCSON ROOM)

This immersion program will integrate how to use integral yoga (postures, pranayama, mantra, meditation) and Ayurveda (herbology, diet, therapeutic treatments-panchakarma, tinctures) to address issues as per the birth chart, dashas, sadhesati and the various placements-conditions of the moon sign. This program will present what to use and how to actually apply these into a personal and practical manner as per the astrological indications. Mas Vidal will share many stories and much experience from both Ayurvedic counseling clinical perspective, Vedic counseling, and years as a yogic aspirant.

• Joni Patry – The Moon, Mind, and Consciousness (COTTONWOOD ROOM)

Discover the Deeper Side of Consciousness and what directs the Mind through the Moon.

The Moon represents our emotional body, everything we perceive and react to is based on how we feel. Feelings determine our attractions in love, music, philosophy, how we think, and even spirituality. Learn how the Moon in astrology determines consciousness and awareness .In this class we will analyze the Moon’s placement relative to planets and Rahu and Ketu, houses, signs, Moon’s Yogas, and nakshatras.

• Pundit Samavedula – The Rig Veda Mantras (SEDONA ROOM)

Learn the old, authentic techniques to practice the Rig Vedas mantras and learn the benefits of mantras for each graha. The nine planets or Navagrahas play a vital role in one’s destiny. The position of these planets in your horoscope determines the nature of your life. Using specific mantras to propitiate the nine planets will help remove any malefic effects and strengthen the grahas in your horoscope. In this remedial Graha mantra class we will be learning the oldest and first Veda, the Rigveda mantras that are considered very powerful and very effective. Please join us in learning these important Sookthas and Grahas mantras. 
TALK | 4:30pm – 6pm

• Laura Harness – Exploring Sedona’s Sacred Landscapes (COTTONWOOD ROOM)


Pundit Samavedula -7pm – 8pm- Navagraha Puja  (PHOENIX/TUCSON)

Dr. Dennis Harness Ph.D. – 8pm – 8:30pm- Welcome & Introductions of Faculty    (PHOENIX/TUCSON)

Charlotte Benson – 8:30pm – 8:45pm- American College of Vedic Astrology Update   (PHOENIX/TUCSON)

Joni Patry -8:45pm – 10pm- Predictions for 2020   (PHOENIX/TUCSON)

YOGA | 6:30am – 7:30am

• Mas Vidal – Victory Over Life with Vedantic Meditation (PHOENIX)

Vedanta is the culmination of all Vedic thought and has its applications in Jyotish, Ayurveda, and Yoga for overcoming the ego, senses, emotions, and intellect. Each morning meditation-sadhana will begin with aarti and invocation, group chanting and deep inner stillness. For those newer to meditation Mas will give some simple yet practical techniques to apply in meditation and how to use the light of your consciousness for healing as taught in the Upanishads. We will end each session with a Divine Light World healing prayer circle.

Lectures | 8am – 9am

• Simon Chokoisky – The Dharma Method (PHOENIX ROOM)

Synchronize your daily routine with the Vedic sky so you can better live your dharma!
In this lecture you’ll learn to harness astrology to uncover the optimal times for any activity, including meditation, travel, exercise and romance. Learn how to be your own guide- without a phone app or computer. Simon will share his top ways to cultivate “Sattva”- purity- which is where your best ideas come from, so you can get the most from your day. Sattva is your inner mirror that reflects the light of the divine. Over time that mirror becomes grimy and covered with soot- ‘Tamas.’. Learn how to clean your inner mirror to optimize Sattva and balance Tamas by honoring the rhythms of the day.

• Naomi Bennet – Moon Wobbles, Lunar Bendings and Eclipses (TUCSON ROOM)

The most ancient forms of astrology followed eclipses.  Since the last century, there is new research to show that the squaring aspect between Rahu/Ketu and the Sun are just as important too.  The Sun and Moon cannot be blocked of light but the power of a Moon Wobble is still there in world events and personal lives.  Naomi will show the modern importance of using this aspect.

• Bill Sinclair – Identifying Mental Health Issues in the Vedic Chart (COTTONWOOD ROOM)

Using the fundamental principles of Vedic astrology, we will conduct a case review of prominent people who have been diagnosed with mental illness and addiction. We will identify common astrological signatures related to depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and addiction. We will also explore ways to approach these topics with clients from a strength-based perspective.

• Ruth Hartung – Therapeutic Yoga for Healthy Digestion (SEDONA ROOM)

Learn about yoga practices and Ayurvedic principles that can alleviate symptoms associated with indigestion, bloating, food allergies, acid reflux and other chronic digestive conditions.  The class will begin with a discussion of common imbalances of agni viewed through the lens of Ayurvedic nutrition followed by yoga poses, pranayama, marma points and essential oils that assist in relieving discomfort, strengthen digestive fire and assist overall health and vitality.

LECTURES | 10am – 12:30pm

• Komilla Sutton – Rahu Ketu and the Vargas (PHOENIX ROOM)

Rahu Ketu usually only reveal half the picture of what we want from life and they are the primary cause of the re-birth. To resolve them we need to understand their inner message. Their secret lies within the varga charts about the influence of Rahu and how it creates its block in a secret hidden way. There are 7 varga charts where Rahu Ketu are together in the same sign and create area of influence that needs to be unraveled if we are to make spiritual progress. Komilla will discuss of how to work with these vargas where Rahu Ketu can give their most obscure message, however if we understand them and do the right yogic remedies we can find enlightened by their message.

• Ronnie Gale Dreyer – Unlocking the Secrets of Eclipses (TUCSON ROOM)

Solar and Lunar Eclipses are among the best predictors of natal/mundane events from ancient to modern times. Starting by reviewing eclipse and nodal cycles, we will see how and when eclipses get activated focusing on when planets and Nodes hit the eclipse degree, and when they affect your chart. Case studies of life-changing events will be looked at to show how precise eclipses can be in creating intensity, unlocking secrets, and revealing truth for better or worse. Classical references will be used to illustrate points.

• Alan Annand – Parivartana Yoga (COTTONWOOD ROOM)

Parivartana Yoga is one of the most powerful planetary combinations in Jyotisha, capable of linking via reciprocal lordship two houses in a chart. But aside from what we find in Mantreswara’s Phaladeepika, there’s nothing in the classic literature saying how to interpret this yoga.
In this lecture, Alan discusses the three different classes of Parivartana Yoga, and provides a process for analysing each. This weaves together house meanings, avasthas of participating planets, and their interaction with other elements, the ultimate goal being to identify a control planet and the yoga’s likely outcome.
Since 43% of all charts have Parivartana Yoga, an equal proportion of your clients and friends will have one of these 66 combinations. Whether novice or expert, you’ll learn several key techniques in this lecture that enable you to interpret this yoga with confidence.
DEITY WORKSHOP | 10am – 12:30pm

• Manoj Chalam – Hero’s Journey with Hindu / Buddhist Deity Archetypes (Ishtadevatas) (SEDONA ROOM)

In this unique presentation, Manoj (people call him a spiritual stand up comedian who often falls flat on his big Ganesha belly) will incorporate all the Hindu and Buddhist deity archetypes in the circle of Shiva Nataraj. Uncover the secret symbolisms of these archetypes and relate it to all aspects of your life such as relationships, abundance, life purpose and anxiety attenuation.
We are going to symbolically kayak through Carl Jung’s collective unconscious for these Archetypes. Discover how entertaining story telling fully expresses your hero’s journey (of Joseph Campbell) into Self Actualization (Moksha). We will also do meditation practices with these Ishtadevatas so that they express through us at all stages of our hero’s journey.

12:30pm – 2pm  – LUNCH BREAK
LECTURES | 2pm – 4:30pm

• James Braha – The Jyotish I Wish I Knew Forty Years Ago (PHOENIX ROOM)

In this lecture, James speaks about subtleties that took him decades to figure out on his own. This wide-ranging talk covers such matters as: confusing horoscopes, clients whose charts don’t seem to fit, why planets conjunct Rahu are so powerful, how the right gem finds the right person, retrograde planets, how fallen planets can be great for moksha, why Jupiter transiting the 7 th causes divorce more often than Saturn, why exalted Saturn rarely functions great and fallen Jupiter is not so bad, and more.

• Andrew Foss – Electing Auspicious Times for Personal Success (TUCSON ROOM)

Picking a good time for important events is wise. We see the chaos that results from people (including governments and politicians) ignoring this. Muhurta is the science of judging time. It involves both the moment itself and also the destiny of the principal actors involved. A good time for one person may be unfavourable for another. Muhurta can be complex and there is a lot to consider. Most software can miss out important things. In this lecture, learn how to cut through the complexity and find good times quickly.

• Joni Patry – Predictive Planetary Periods (COTTONWOOD ROOM)

Transits are the basic tool to understand the cycles of our life but in Vedic astrology the Dashas reveal the big picture when certain cycles will manifest. Learn how to use the dashas with transits to understand the unfoldment of life’s experiences.

YOGA WORKSHOP | 2pm – 4:30pm

• Mally Paquette – Yoga & Sound Healing (SEDONA ROOM)

A Vibrational Journey with the Archtypes through the Chakras! Unique & Passionate. The Archtypes of the Chakras will be the stars of this inner pilgrimage of lecture and asana practice. Emotional patterns and egoic imbalances are reviewed and brought into the light of consciousness. A deeper and personal understanding of human emotions are hi lighted and released through movement and sound.
The Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls are transformational tools of the new age to receive balance internally and release samskaras. Participants gain clarity and intuitive insights raising their vibration to enhance their sacred path. 
A Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath complete this sacred offering. Magic abounds!


• Renick Turley Sitar | 7:00pm-7:30pm

• Jeffry Armstrong Vedic Poetry | 8:00pm-8:30pm

• Jaya Lakshmi & Ananada Yogiji Kirtan | 8:30pm-9:30pm

SUNDAY 11/24
Lectures | 8am – 9am

• Zeffi Kefala – Shakti in the Stars: Awakening Rahu and Ketu. (PHOENIX ROOM)

In these modern times we are experiencing , a lot of suffering as a human collective. This could be helped by the awakening of Shakti energy within ourselves. This energy brings us healing and empowerment.

Shakti is a feminine energy that exists in males and females, it also has a powerful flow within the body, it is called Kundalini energy. The serpent power is sleeping, but through understanding Ketu and Rahu this power can be awakened.

• Keiko Ito – Empire of the Rising Sun: Astrological Signatures of the Japanese Imperial Family (TUCSON ROOM)

The recent Japanese Imperial lineage share an interesting history as shown by fascinating natal charts and astrological signatures. As Japan prepares for the Imperial transition in April 2019, we will look into the charts of five generations of the Japanese imperial family starting from the Emperor Meiji, whose reign started in 1867.

• Cathy Coleman – The Nakshatras and Their Rulers: Early Imprints on the Life of the Soul (COTTONWOOD ROOM)

This lecture will consider the Nakshatras from the point of view of their rulers, and the imprints of the early life resulting from the first planetary period. An overview of the Nakshatras will be given, organized by rulers, and considered as to how they impact the developmental life cycle and planetary cycles, and the soul’s development over one’s life.

• Jim Simonik – Anusara Yoga: Refine and Align (SEDONA ROOM)

Jim teaches alignment for the beginner student and for more seasoned practitioners to compliment their flow. He teaches how to adopt poses for injuries, and help the student find his individual edge. A very inspiring and nurturing teacher, his classes are playful and is offered as gentle or challenging as you want to take it.

LECTURES | 10am – 12:30pm

• Eve Mendoza – Lunar Medical Astrology: An Extensive Look at the Nakshatras as Personal and Collective Medicine (PHOENIX ROOM)

The impact of the Grahas upon all organic and inorganic life is well documented. Even surface research of Jyotish unveils the extent that these cosmic forces effect the natural, unnatural and so-termed, supernatural or subtle realms.  The study of medical Jyotish is useful for both self healing and the healing of others.  When properly understood and combined with the deeper principles of Ayurveda, the horoscope becomes a detailed road map to recovery.  There are many facets of medical Jyotish and typically one-pointed focus upon the subject is required to gain a complete comprehension of it.  
As I have spent many years devoted to the study of the Nakshatras and their concrete influence on every day life, I will be sharing insights gained through real life observations.  We will pay special attention to the Nakshatras as doctors and explore each Nakshatra’s unique attribute related to healing.  For a basic example, some Nakshatras form groups such as the energy healers, Hasta and Swati or the alchemists (chemists) Ashlesha and Shatabhishaka, and the herbalists Ardra and Mula.  You have some that stand alone, such as the miracle worker, Ashwini and the bearer of Soma, Mrigashira,  the master of pulse diagnosis, Dhanishta and the reproductive specialist, Purva Phalguni.  Some Nakshatras such as Rohini, Magha and Chitra are natural geneticists whereas others are superior at determining pathology such as Bharani, Purva Bhadrapada and Uttara Bhadrapada.  We have the surgeon, Krittika, the revitalizers, Punarvasu and Purva Ashadha and the nourishers, Pushya and Revati, along with the ‘faith’ healer, Shravana and the immunologist Uttara Ashadha.   
As this topic is immense, we will zone in on the relevance of utilizing the understanding of the Nakshatras to better counsel ourselves and others.  We will cover some important themes related to each Graha and their relationship with specific Nakshatras in medical astrology.

• Barry Rosen – Finding Your Blind Spots: Unconscious Blocks to Moksha (TUCSON ROOM)

The ability to get off the wheel of karma often takes grace, a Sat Guru and a deep awareness of what unconscious mistakes we are making that block us from being free. Sometimes these are connected to addictive patterns in the 6th house and aspects to the 12th house. More often, planets in the 12th house involve ancient karma that we are unconscious of and which create blocks to being free. Planets in the other moksha houses like the 4th and the 8th can also create blocks and even our primal urges connected to the 3rd house can keep us bound in lower patterns. There are also other types of blind spots that turn up in the chart that trap us in maya and prevent us from being free. In this talk, Barry Rosen will discuss the blocks and blind spots that cause suffering and keep us trapped on the wheel of karma and how awareness of them can set us free.

• Sam Geppi – The Living Sky – Precise Transit Work in Vedic Astrology (COTTONWOOD ROOM)

How do we know when to look at the dasha and went to look at the planetary transits in order to make predictions? The truth is you have to know how to look at both, and when to do so. The classical Indian literature is thin on how to do precise transit work. But in this class I will have many case studies showing how karma’s get activated based on the transit, as well as how to prioritize transits in your life and your clients life all of the time. You will learn how to separate just a “general focus” from a major transit that brings a new event or karmic cycle into someone’s life. I will also describe “Special Aspects by Transit” and “Raja Yogas by Transit”. I have been watching these daily transits for 12 years, and publishing daily transit reports as well.

YOGA WORKSHOP | 10am – 12:30pm

• Matteo Zacchino – Modern Day Surya Kriya Sadhana (SEDONA ROOM)

In this yoga class, we will explore the deeper meanings of the Sun Salutations, its ancient traditions,
origins, intended uses, benefits, and evolution through the years. But more importantly, we will discover
how to use them so to unlock our divine potential, reclaim lost energy & to take control of our life.
To better emphasize the transformative powers of this practice, and to honor its origins as the
fundamental structure of popular vinyasa, we will break it all down into three main layers.

Layer #1: The Body. We’ll begin by warming up the muscles and by prepping the joints, to then proceed by breaking down various anatomical engagements, for safety and injury prevention. We will occasionally use props and straps for added support & better muscle-skeletal alignment, so if you have your tools, make sure to bring them).

Layer #2: The Mind. The second layer introduces the appropriate breathing techniques and how they support us on and off our mat. As the parallels between modern-day neuroscience and Vedic wisdom begin to surface, the bridging between the conscious and the subconscious mind occurs, thus empowering us to become more present and mindful throughout the day.

Layer #3: The Spirit. The third layer adds an active meditative approach to the practice. As we journey through the postures and breathe in and out of them, we’ll call to mind specific universal principles, virtues, and bodily functions. We are thus establishing a more profound sense of self awareness.

12:30pm – 2pm  – LUNCH BREAK
LECTURES | 2pm – 4:30pm

• Kṣaṇāti Nakṣatra – How to Improve Our Planetary Karma with Rahu and Ketu: A Nakṣatra Based Approach (PHOENIX ROOM)

In How to Improve Our Planetary Karma with Rahu and Ketu: A Nakṣatra Based Approach, we will discuss the karmic nature of the lunar nodes in comprehensive detail. We will dive deep into understanding Rahu and Ketu’s current transit, and also the impact of future nodal shifts. Then we will go through every Nakṣatra, Bhava, and Rashi to understand how Rahu and Ketu will act uniquely dependent on dignity and position. We will look at many powerful Rahu and Ketu case studies, and through understanding the complex manifestation of Rahu and Ketu karma in various Nakṣatra we can then provide specific, and profoundly effective remedy. Ancient, Nakṣatra specific, Ayurvedic, and contemporary lifestyle remedies to improve our karma with Rahu and Ketu will be systematically specified. Therefore, we will understand on all levels what we can do to improve our planetary karma with Rahu and Ketu, in each and every position.

• David Cochrane – Vargas (Harmonic Charts) in the Birth Charts of Spiritual Teachers (TUCSON ROOM)

By combining ideas in Vedic astrology with ideas in modern physics, we find that the saptamsa (7D) chart and a proposed new varga, the 13D chart, combine together to show the drive for transcendence. Whether the spiritual teacher has really reached high states of nirvikalpa samadhi and lives a life of purity or not, we clearly see the striving for transcendence in these vargas. Popular spiritual gurus in the west, whether they are fully self-realized beings or not, have very similar planetary configurations in the 7D and 13D charts that indicate their motivation for transcendence! These new vargas have been extensively researched in controlled research studies (no cherry picked data) for the past 5 years and the findings of the latest research confirm previous findings and enable us to see relevant and important astrological planetary configurations in gurus who are well-known in the western world. Among the birth charts we will analyze are those of Paramahansa Yogananda, Baba Muktananda, Srila Prabhupada, Amrit Desai, and two devotees who were picked by Muktananda to continue his teachings.

• Jeffrey Armstrong – The Archetypes or Essential Nature of the Planets (Grahas) (COTTONWOOD ROOM)

Jeffrey Armstrong will name and illuminate the most essential qualities and characteristics of the 9 grahas, with a special view to client therapy and recommendations for upaya to remedy a variety of imbalances. Learn how to explain the atma and the qualities of the planets to clients so they see how they manifest within them – so they don’t confuse these qualities as “self”.

• Dr. Dennis Thompson – Vedic Medical Body Astrology (SEDONA ROOM)

MANTRA LECTURE  | 4:30pm – 5:30pm

• Jeffrey Armstrong – Planetary Mantras (COTTONWOOD ROOM)

Jeffrey Armstrong will name and illuminate the most essential qualities and characteristics of the 9 grahas, with a special view to client therapy and recommendations for upaya to remedy a variety of imbalances. Learn how to explain the atma and the qualities of the planets to clients so they see how they manifest within them – so they don’t confuse these qualities as “self”.

ENTERTAINMENT *included in Main Conference Registration | 7pm – 9pm

• Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda Yogiji Devotional Music & Kirtan* (PHOENIX / TUCSON ROOM)

MONDAY 11/25
Complimentary Classes | 8am – 9am

• Dennis M. Harness Ph.D. – The Outer Planets: A Neo-Vedic View (PHOENIX ROOM)

This lecture will explore the utilization and meaning of the outer planets in Vedic Astrology. According to the great jyotishi Narendra Desai, there is an ancient Vasistha nadi palm leaf in a museum in Madras, India. The writing on the leaf predicted that three important grahas or planets would be discovered by the jyotishis of Kali Yuga. The great seer Vashistha was the author of a number of hymns in the Rig Veda and was considered a great priest of the kings. According to the ancient palm leaf the names of the grahas would be Prajapati, Varuna and Yama. The palm leaf went on to reveal that the jyotishis of Kali Yuga would need to decipher the significance and meaning of these powerful grahas.We will examine the fascinating correlations between Prajapati and Uranus, Varuna and Neptune as well as Yama with Pluto. A strong case can be made to for the study and importance of the outer planets in modern Vedic Astrology. This research should be done with an open mind while protecting the tenets of traditional jyotish. The challenge of integrating this information into the Vedic system is the work of the Neo-Vedic astrologer of the new millennium.

• Alex Trenoweth – When a Flower Speaks (TUCSON ROOM)

Sometimes heaven cracks and reveals a powerful message that irrevocably changes the way a mere mortal views life on earth. From near-death encounters to flashes of cosmic understanding, Alex investigates the astrological statistics behind the planentary aspects of mystic moments and delivers a first hand account of her own out of body experience. Alex’s research on this topic provides a delicate balance between statistical analysis and profoundly moving narratives of life-changing experiences. What moment has changed your life? Bring your time-detailed stories to share or learn how to recognise the signs that your life will be forever altered.

• Julie Swietlik – Palmistry and the Chart: Finding qualities that are both in the hand and in the chart (COTTONWOOD ROOM)

Julie Swietlik is a practitioner of the healing arts since 1991 she has been exposed to many bodywork and energy healing modalities.  After a life altering trip to India she started studying Jyotish and later palmistry with Komilla Sutton. She holds a Jyotish Shastri Diploma from the Komilla Academy of Vedic Studies. She has presented in India and Sedona conferences since 2014 is a healer and professional astrologer/palmist living in Key West, Florida. 

• Kathy Simonik – Yin Yoga (SEDONA ROOM)

Restorative, therapeutic style Yin Class: An hour long class that focuses on a combination of modalities meant to open up the body. Perfect for someone starting out in yoga or for the seasoned practitioner to bring balance back into their practice. Props not furnished, if you have a favorite prop such as a blanket, strap, bolster or block, please bring them with you to class.

INTENSIVES | 10am – 4pm

• Jeffrey Armstrong – How to Become a Better Karma Mechanic: The Secrets of Cause & Effect for Jyotishis (PHOENIX ROOM)

In the Bhagavad-Gita Krishna says, “The intricacies of karma are very difficult to understand.”
With over 50 years of experience examining karmas, Jeffrey Armstrong illuminates the Sanskrit terminology of cause and effect as well as the many nuanced and subtle intricacies of long-term justice on a universal scale.
In this full day workshop…
You will learn:
1.    The secrets of how karmas are exchanged. The three human debts all must pay. How action and inaction are related to moksha. How the 14 lokas of the cosmos are connected. How we transition between lives. How actions progress from thoughts, to words, and to consequences. The function of the deva’s cosmic air traffic control. Interactions between devas and humans and how humans could become devas. The actions and purpose of the avatars.
2.    How karmas are altered through the practice of yoga, upayas and Vedic yajna. Who holds the scales of karmic justice and how do they function. How the cosmic tug of war between the devas and asuras affects humans. How to determine the stage of development of karmas. Which karmas can be changed and how much free will do we really have.  
3.    How karmas are altered through sex and intimate exchanges. The relationship between genetics and the mysterious Rahu and Ketu.  Understand the subtle and ongoing relationships between humans and their ancestors. The Vedic secrets of nature and nurture in relationship to longevity. 

• Andrew Foss – The Nakshatra Dashas of Parasara- Beyond Vimshottari (TUCSON ROOM)

Ever wondered why Vimshottari Dasha works well on some charts and is difficult to use on others? Do you find it much easier to explain events in hindsight than when predicting the future? Then this workshop is for you.

The Dashas are the crown jewels of Jyotish – Vedic Astrology. However, it is hard to find much information about the proper use of Dashas except the listing of results for Dashas and sub-periods which, while valuable, often do not explain the individual experience. Everyone has heard of Vimshottari Dasha, the main Nakshatra Dasha, but we all experience it works better on some charts than others. Parasara gave 10 key Nakshatra based Dashas along with brief clues about when to use which. These clues need deciphering to understand the real scope of these Dashas. If one gets the right Dasha, then reading a chart becomes much easier. Understanding how the Dashas work with the Nakshatras and you go to another level.

• Sam Geppi – Applied Tajika Astrology – Varshaphal and Prashna (COTTONWOOD ROOM)

Tajika astrology is a branch of astrology that developed between the Indians and the Persians between the 7-12th centuries. It is the best evidence yet that Indian and Western / Persian astrology has a long history of cooperation, in spite of the political, scientific and cultural differences – and in spite of eventually using different zodiacs. We will explore the fascinating practices and techniques that developed at that time, which are clearly a hybrid of both systems and cultures. In Tajika astrology, the precise transit work still seen in Western astrology is applied to a sidereal zodiac, with a special “dasa” system for annual charts and other considerations. We will examine the main aspect types, applying and separating aspects and precise degrees of orb and how to apply these principles to Varshaphal (annual charts) and Prashna (art of a question) chart readings. We will also examine the important Indian and Vedic texts which shows the transition from sidereal to tropical astrology in Persia at that time, and the influence of Indian astronomy/astrologers on Persian scientists such as Al Kwarizimi, Masha Allah, Al Biruni and more.

YOGA WORKSHOP | 10am – 4pm

• Manoj Chalam – Form & Formless: Hindu / Buddhist Deities & Moksha (Enlightenment) (SEDONA ROOM)

This class will incorporate both wisdom and practices. So that the deep secrets of working with your Ishtadevata (archetypes)is revealed to help you in all aspects of your life such as anxiety issues, relationships, abundance, life purpose and ultimately, Moksha.
Enlightenment (in the Vedanta tradition) is the journey of Knowing the Self, abiding in the Self and seeing the same Self in others with love and compassion. Manoj will guide you through the 3 practices of non dualistic Advaita Vedanta philosophy as it applies to archetypes: Shravanam (listening), Mananam (contemplation) and Nidhidhyasana (abiding in the Self).
The question then arises, what role do these deities such as Ganesh, Shiva, Lakshmi, Buddha,Tara play in this journey?. Manoj will bring in statues of these deities and relate their symbolisms to our journey to enlightenment. Through humorous archetypical story telling, discover your Isthadevata (personal archetype), uncover their secret symbolisms and learn the five ways to work with them as part of a practice towards spiritual awakening.
(This workshop is 70% lecture, 15%meditation, 10% Mantra chantings and 5% light spiritual stretches.)

Poco Diablo Resort in Sedona, Arizona
November 21 – 25, 2019